"Tayebeh - Iran"


LEAVING                       Tayebeh Chooban Nejad


“Mum,” I said, “we are leaving.”

There was a deathly silence, nothing but the sound of ice cubes trying to run away from the spoon. Suddenly, she smiled at me.

“It’s OK,” she said. “You will be fine.”

“But what about you?” I asked her.

“I tried my best to make my children happy,” she replied, “so wherever you are happy, I will be too. Go and enjoy your life; it won’t repeat again, and it won’t wait for you.”


The main feature of this work is the image of the building taken from an early 16th century artwork. The colours and design are a traditional Iranian pattern. The two women in the image represent the mother and daughter in the story, Leaving by Tayebah Chooban Nejad.


"Tayebeh - Iran" 1/3

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